Gioăng tấm thiết bị trao đổi nhiệt chính hãng

Các model trao đổi nhiệt phổ biến

M3, M3X, M6, M6B, M6M, M6MD, M6MW, M6MX, M10B, M10BD, M10BW, M10BWREF, M10M, MS6, MS10, MS15, M15B, M15Blip wide, M15M, M15F, MK15BW, M20M, M20MX25B, MX25B, MX25 , M30, M30D, MA30S, MA30W, MA30M, T5M, TL3, TS6M, TS20M, TL6B, TL10B, TL10P, T20P, T20M, T20MW, T20B, T20BW, T50M, T50ML, T200, TL15B, TL35, Clip3, 8Clip6, Clip6 , Clip10, Front3, Front6, Front8, Front10, JWP26, JWP36, H7, H10, I60, I60M, I100B, I100M, I150B, I150M, EC50, EC350, EC500, EC650, EC700, AC400, AC700, A3, A10, A10B , AM10, A15, A15B, A15BW, A20, A20B, AM20, AM20B, AM20N, AM20S, AM20W, AM20DW, AK20, AX30, AX30B, AX30BW, A35, P01, P016, P12/122, P12/124,, P13, P132, P135, P14, P14/L1, P145, P15, P16, P17, P2, P20, P22, P225, P25, P252, P26, P30, P31, P32, P36, P41, P45, P5/1, P5/ 2. PAR01, PAR22, Vap350, Vap500, Vap500F, Vap650, Vap700, Cond400, Cond600, Cond800
VT04P, VT10F, VT20, VT20C, VT20G, VT20P, VT40, VT40C, VT40G, VT40P, VT40M, VT80, VT80C, VT80G, VT80M, VT80P, VT402, VT405, VT805, VT130F, VT130K, VT1306, VT1309, VT180M, VT2508, NT10, NT50T, NT50X, NT50M, NT100T, NT100M, NT100X, NT150S, NT150L, ​​NT250S, NT250M, NT250L, NT350S, NT350M, NT350L, NT500, N40, FA157, FA159, FA161, FA184NG, FA184WG, FA192NG, FA192WG, LWC100T, LWC150S, CT187, CT189, PAB38
A055, A085, H12, H17, H17G, N25, N35, N50, J060, J092, J107, J185, M60, M92, M107, M185, Q030D, Q030E, Q055D, Q055E, Q080D, Q080E, K34, K55, K71, B063L, B063S, B110L, B110S, B134L, B134S, B158L, B158S, B205L, B205S, SR1, SR2, SR3, SR6AA, SR6AG, SR6GH, SR6GL, SU6GL, SR9, SD9, SR14AD, SR14AH, SR14AN, SR14AP, SR14GD, SR14AG, AR14PP, SR23AO, SR23PV, SR23VO, SR35, SR38, SR95, R5, ER5, R6, R8, R10, R14, R23, R40, R55, R66, R86, R89, R106, R145, R235, R405, P105, P190, TR9AL, TR9AV, TR9GL, TR9GN, LR9AL, LR9GL, LR9GN, LD9AL, LD9GL, LD9GN, D37, U2, T4, V03 evaporator, E201, TR1, HMB, HX, WHX, JUNIOR, CHF130, FFPE, PESERIII, RFE, RFFPE, SR15PE, CS235, CZ450A
LX00A, LX10, LX10A, LX20, LX20A, LX30A, LX40, LX40A, LX50A, UX01, UX10, UX10A, UX20, UX20A, UX30, UX30A, UX40, UX40A, UX80, UX90, UX100, UX130, RX10A, RX11A, RX13A RX30, RX30A, RX70, SX40, SX40A, SX41, SX43, SX90, SX90M, EX11, EX15, EX16, YX80
GCD006, GCD012, GLD013, GLP013, GCD018, GCP026, GCD030, GCP030, GCP051, GCP054, GCD054, GCD055, GCP060, GCD065, GCD018, GC8, GC12, GL13, GC26, GC30, GC42, GC51, GC60, GL145, GL205, GL230, GL330, GX7, GX12, GX18, GX26, GX42, GX51, GX60, GX64, GX85, GX91, GX100, GX118, GX140, GX145, GX180, GXD012, GXP018, GX026, GXD026, GX04D037, gioăng tấm trao đổi nhiệt Cleanphe, GX04D037, GX04D037 , GXD042, GXP042, GX051, GXP051, GXD051, GXD060, GXD064, GXD085, GXD091, GXD100, GXP118, GXD140, GXD145, GL145, GFP030, GFP050, GF057, GFP057, GFP080, GFP097, GF097, GFP100, GFP180, GFP187 , S3, S8, HX12, HXD012, HX25, HX50, HXD050, HX85, HXD085, HX180, HXD180, HXD145, GM56, GM59, GM138, GM257, GM276, TW5, TW10, TW18, UX01, UX05, UXP005, UXP010, UXP060 , UX06T, UX10, UX20, UX40, UXP200, UXP400, UX80, UXP81, UX801, UXP900, G12, G28, G30, G48, G50, G55, G65, G66, G75, G78, G85, G95, G25, G52, G58 , G102, G108, G153, G157, G158, G159, G214, G234, G254, G274, G322, G342, G52, G58, G65, GF138, GF257, GF276, GF59, MF138, MF257, MF276, MF56, MF59
S4A, S7, S7A, S8, S8A, S9A, S14, S14A, S15, S16, S18, S19, S19A, S20, S20A, S21, S21A, S22, S30, S31A, S35, S37, S38, S39, S41, S41A, S42, S43, S43A, S47, S50, S61, S62, S64, S65, S65A, S81, S83, S86, S100, S120, S121, S130, S152, S188, SFD13, SFD22, SW189, SW40, SD10-IG16, FKE025, FKE03
Sigma7, Sigma9, Sigma13, Sigma16, Sigma17, Sigma22, Sigma26, Sigma27, Sigma29, Sigma30, Sigma32, Sigma35, Sigma37, Sigma38, Sigma45, Sigma48, Sigma52, Sigma56, Sigma64, Sigma65, Sigma66, Sigma76, Sigma85, Sigma90, Sigma96, Sigma106, Sigma107, Sigma114, Sigma156, SigmaM26, SigmaM27, SigmaM35, SigmaM36, SigmaM37, SigmaM56, SigmaM66, SigmaM76, SigmaM96, SigmaM106, SigmaM156, SigmaM229, SigmaX13, SigmaX19, SigmaX29, STAR45, STAR90
TL90SS, TL90PP, TL150SS, TL150PP, TL200SS, TL200PP, TL250SS, TL250PP, TL400SS, TL400PP, TL500SS, TL500PP, TL650SS, TL650PP, TL850PP, TL850SS
V4, V7, V8, V10, V13, V20, V28, V45, V55, V60, V85, V100, V110, V120, V130, V170, V280
FP02, FP04, FP08, FP10, FP14, FP16, FP19, FP22, FP205, FP31, FP40, FP41, FP50, FP60, FP80, FP120, FPS30, FPS35, FPS39, FPS43, FPS50, FPS65, FPS100, FPS120
S8, S15, S20, S35, S43, S65, S100, S120, UFX26, UFX42, UFX51, UFX85, UFX91, UFX100, UFX145
UFX6, UFX12, UFX18, UFX26, UFX42, UFX51, UFX37, UFX64, UFX91, UFX118, UFX60, UFX100, UFX140, UFX180, UFX85, UFX145, HX12, HX145, HX180, HX205, HX25, HX265, HX325, HX50, HX50, MF138, MF257, MF276, MF56, MF59
AT04P, AT10, AT1306, AT1309, AT161, AT184FF, AT192FF, AT20P, AT20P, AT40, AT40FF, AT40L, AT40M, AT40P, AT805, AT80M
AU3, AU5, AU8, AU10L1, AU10L2, AU15L1, AU15L2, AU20, AN5, AN10, AN10L2, AN15L1, AN15L2, AN20, AN25L1, AN25L2, AN30L1, AN30L2, AN35L1, AN35L2, AN40L1, AN40L2, AN45L1, AN50L1, AS6, AS20, AS25, AS30, AS40, AU50, AU35, AU15, AU20, AU45, AU58, AU70, AC70, AU98, AP98, AC98, AC15, AC25, AC50
V2, V4, V8, V13, V20, V28, V45, V60, V85, V100, V110, V130, V170, V180, V205, V260, V280
TS4A, TS7A, TS8, TS8A, TS9A, TS14, TS14A, TS15, TS19A, TS20, TS20A, TS21, TS21A, TS22, TS30, TS35, TS37, TS38, TS43, TS43A, TS47, TS50, TS61, TS62, TS64, TS65, TS65A, TS81, TS86, TS100, TS120, TS121, TS130, TS152, TS188, SH154, SH204
Gioăng tấm model Alfalaval, GEA, Sondex, Hisaka, Vicarb, Donghwa, Tranter, Taibong, LHE, KPHE, Daewon, BR
Stainless steel (304/316/316L)Purified water, river water, edible oil, mineral oil
Titanium and titanium fertilizer (Ti/Ti-pd)Sea water, salt water, salinity
254SMODilute sulfuric acid, sparse salt aqueous solution, inorganic aqueous solution
HASTELLOY (C276/D205/B2G)Concentrated sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid
Nickel (Ni)High temperature, high concentration of caustic soda
ALLOYFluids that require special alloys
NBR-15 to +130Water, sea water, salt water, mineral oil
HNBR-15 to +160High temperature mineral oil, high temperature water
EPDM-25 to +150Hot water, steam, acid, alkali
HEPDM-25 to +180Hot water, steam, acid, alkali
Viton-5 to +180Acid, alkali, fluid
Standard: Carbon steel spray paintStandard: SS stainless steel bushing
Special: stainless steelSpecial: alloy steel, Hastelloy, titanium
Overall stainless steelNitrile rubber, EPDM rubber

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